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Interview Conclusion

         The aim of carrying out interviews on the visitors to Sentosa was to better understand what the people felt about Sentosa and this aim has been realised. After interviewing many different persons about Sentosa, we could safely picture out the public opinion of Sentosa.

          All of the people interviewed feel that Sentosa is definitely a nice place of visit and they also looked forward to visiting the island again. In general, they like all the attractions in Sentosa although they have varying favourites. Some of them, such as Mr. Rahulle, Mr. San and Miss Chung, prefer the natural attractions like Mt. Imbiah and the various beaches whereas others such as Miss Liza prefer the artificial attractions like the underwater world. Such a result highlights the fact that different people have diverse likes and dislikes. Thus, for Sentosa to do well in the long run, it must be able to strike a balance between the natural attractions and artificial attractions. Construction of too many artificial attractions does not equal more tourist appeal.

          Apart from giving their opinions on the attractions on Sentosa, they also expressed their views on what can be done to further improve the infrastructure of the island. For example, Mr. Rahulle pointed out the current monorail system is far too slow and that it should be two-way instead of one-way. He also felt that there are no money changers on the island and this can be very inconvenient for the tourists from other countries who would want to change their respective currencies into Singapore dollars to spend on Sentosa. The result of the interview also pointed out that there are little publicity work done to promote the other islands of Singapore such as Kusu Island and St. Johnís Island.

          As a conclusion, I would like to say that this interview has been very successful and the result of the interview has been very valuable.


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